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Dinner along the A2

Our restaurant is open again! Read here the measures we apply.

End up your day with a delicious and extended dinner in our Restaurant Salt. Please read our possibilities for the à la carte dinner, a tree course menu and our Live Cooking dinner buffet.

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Dinner Menu à la carte


Duck 13.50
Smoked duck breast - spicy bulgur - pomegranate - raspberry vinaigrette

Carpaccio 13.50
Black angus beef - truffle mayonnaise - parmesan cheese - radish

Vitello Tonato 14.25
Veal roastbeef - tuna cream - herb salad - mustard & cornichon vinaigrette


Eel 17.50
Brioche - lettuce - smoked eel fillet - sour cream - herring caviar

Tuna tataki 14.50
Thinly sliced - two preparations of avocado - lemon zest - lotus chips - ponzu vinaigrette - puffed wild rice

Salmon 13.75
Duo of scottish salmon - tartare & smoked - crème fraiche - apple - salty fingers


Lobster soup 10.50
Fennel - prawn - dutch shrimp - cream of cognac & chives

Tomato soup 6.75
Spring onion - zucchini

Chicken soup 6.75
Chicken breast - noodles - spring onion


Burrata 13.50
Lettuce - Burrata - aceto onions - sourdough - croutons - roasted tomatoess - olive crumb

Goat cheese 13.50
Smoked goat cheese mousse - carrot - apple - pecan - sweet potato


Cateaubriand 29.50 p.p.
Best piece of tenderloin (450 gram) - sliced - bearnaise sauce & pepper sauce. This dish is served per 2 persons only.

Lamb rendang 24.50
Stew of lamb leg - spicy bulgur - pak choi - aniseed mushrooms

Breaded escalope 18.00
Roasted lemon - remoulade sauce

Slowly cooked iberico fillet - morel and shiitake sauce 

Tournedos 27.50
Tenderloin steak - pepper- or bearnaise sauce

Beef ribeye 28.00
Grain fed grilled ribeye - sauce of red wine and truffle

Duck breast 22.50
Skin roasted duck breast - compote of mango - sauce of spices


Salmon 22.50
Pan fried filet - beurre blanc - bitterbal of saffron rissoto

Sea bass 22.50
Skin roasted sea basss fillet - roasted tomato compote - bearnaise sauce

Lady sole 28.00
2 pieces (220 grams per piece) - fried in full - cream butter - roasted lemon - hollandaise sauce


Noodles 19.50 
Fried tofu - stir fried vegetables - clove mushrooms - teriyaki sauce 

Ravioli 19.50
Struffed with wild spinach and ricotta - artichoke - compote of roasted puffed tomatoes - hollandaise sauce

Vegetable curry (vegan) 19.50
Spicy bulgur - pak choi - grilled zucchini - sweet potato - coconut curry - broccoli


Tournedos 17.75
Black Angus beef - pepper-or Stroganoff sauce

Breaded escalope 14.50
Lemon - remoulade sauce

Lady sole 17.75
1 piece (220 gram) - fried in full cream butter - roasted lemon - hollandaise sauce - not filleted


Tasting for 2 19.50
Various delicacies from our own patisserie

Cheese platter 11.25
A tasting of domestic and foreign cheeses - apple syrup - honey

Dame blanche 8.75
Vanilla ice cream - whipped cream - sugared nuts - hot chocolate sauce

Creme brulee 8.75
Roasted cream of orange & vanilla - parfait of bergamot - crunch of spices

Red fruit 8.75
Mousse of red fruit - raspberry - espuma - yoghurt textures

Strawberry tiramisu 8.75
Dutch strawberries - lavender cake - lemon crémeux - white chocolate mascarpone cream - strawberry sorbet

Child menu

Kroket or frikandel 7.00
With fries - apple sauce - mayonnaise - ketchup - cherry tomatoes - cucumber

Small pancakes 7.00
12 pieces
Icing sugar - syrup - butter

Sandwich 3.50
Peanut butter or Nutella

Sandwich 3.50
Ham or cheese

Menu de Chef € 33.50


Scottish Salmon
Scottish salmon tartare - herring caviar - crème fraiche - salty fingers - lemon zest
Pata Negra
Thinly sliced Iberico ham - burrata - tomato salsa - sweet potato - aceto onions - herb lettuce 


Fish duo
Seabass fillet baked on the skin - scampi - tom kha kai sauce
Beef sirlion steak
From the grill - red wine truffle sauce - grilled green asparagus


Cheese platter
Tasting of domestic and foriegh cheeses - raisin bread - foam of honey
Sweet dessert
Sweet creation from the chef

Tucan menu € 28.00


Tomato soup 
Spring onion - zucchini
Chicken soup
Oriental chicken soup - coconut - bundle mushrooms - spring onion - rice noodles - red pepper


Victoria Perch
Pan fried fillet - red wine  truffle sauce
Black Angus Steak
Rump steak - red wine truffle sauce


Red fruit
Mousse of red fruit - vanille ice cream - crumble
with chocolates

Live Cooking Dinner € 33.50

The Live Cooking dinnerbuffet is available as from September.

Every Saturday evening, we present you our Live Cooking Dinner buffet. In Van der Valk Hotel Zaltbommel, this is a true experience! We will make sure that your will have a culinary evening and a long lasting memory.


At arrival, we will guide you to your table and serve a fresh homemade soup. After this soup, you will be free to make unlimited use of the Live Cooking Dinner buffet. On this buffet, you will find a large variety of cold and warm dishes that we will prepare à la minute for you. Think aout warm fish- and meat dishes, which you can accompany with salad from our salad bar, and vegetable- and potatoe garnish. You decide what to eat!

Our kitchen team is ready to prepare your favorite meat or dish dish live and on the spot for you. This ensures a dish of good quality. Do you keep room for the dessert? Besides the variours sweet desserts on our dessert buffet, we will serve a delicious seasonal dessert at your table.

On our Live Cooking Buffet, you can find various beverages such as coffee, tea, fruit infused waters and juices. Please make unlimited use of these whenever you wish. Other beverages can be ordered at one of our waiters. In the price of the dinnerbuffet, two drinks (Dutch assortment) are included, any other drinks will be added to your bill.


The Live Cooking Dinner is available every Saturday evening. Make your table reservation between 17.30 PM and 21.00 PM. 


From 12 years: € 33.50 incl. 2 drinks
4-11 years old: € 16.75 incl. 2 drankjes
0-3 years old: free

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Dinner with groups


Do you wish to join with a bigger accompany? You are free to choose either for our Live Cooking Buffet or a (choice)menu. We love to think ahead with you about the composition of the menu. Note that all dishes are daily fresh from the season and from the current month.

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Monday to Saturday 5 PM until 10 PM *
Sundays and holidays 4.30 PM until 10 PM *

* By order of the RIVM, the doors of Restaurant Salt close at 10 p.m. You are welcome to walk in for dinner until 9 PM at latest.


We often hear that our guests highly appreciate the atmosphere in Restaurant Salt. The tables are set up spaciously and thank to the good acoustics, you will not hear much background noise. While you enjoy the peace and privacy during your dinner in Zaltbommel, our employees are happy to advise you about the specials on the menu and the accompanying wines.


Restaurant Salt is often visited for special occasions. Our tip: Make a table reservation in the wine bar, an elevated area in the restaurant. This way you can sit in private with your group while you also fully enjoy the cosiness and atmosphere in the restaurant.

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