Sorry for the loss of your loved one. For you as a relative, a lot of aspects need to be arranged within a short period of time. Let us relieve you by taking off some work. It is our specialty to organise a worthily farewell.

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Saying goodbye takes time. We offer various options to say farewell in private spheres, both for large and small condolences. We create an intimate setting in which you can tranquilly express condolences, talk and give support.

A condolence at a location like Van der Valk Zaltbommel offers the advantage:

  • Mourning in a private environment
  • Possibility to place the coffin in the room
  • Talking peacefully without specific end time
  • High service and professional care
  • Experience with large groups
  • Easily accessible and free parking

Room overview


Van der Valk Hotel Zaltbommel-A2 is also suitable for funeral services. The organization of a farewell ceremony on our location is always in consultation with your funeral director. We have several meeting rooms available, the largest grieving room offers seating for 250 people. The rooms are equipped with all necessary facilities, such as a microphone, lectern, good sound system and projection screen.


The Van der Valk Hotel is located on the edge of Zaltbommel at exit 17 of the A2 and can be reached within a few minutes from the Zaltbommel cemetery and the crematoriums near Zaltbommel. The funeral hall is accessible via a separate entrance P2 Meetings & Events. Free parking is available.

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During the funeral, Hotel Zaltbommel offers a large assortment of food and drinks. Below you will read about our coffee tables, of course more options are possible. For instance, think of a drink with your family or an intimate dinner with a private accompany. Of course, we wish to send a personalized offer for the best possible farewell.

Luxury Coffee table € 23.95 per person

This Luxury Basic Coffee table includes:

  • Ovenbaked breads and soft buns
  • Sandwich spread with brie, filet Americain, serano ham and smoked salmon
  • Coffee, tea and milk

Price € 23.95 per person
Excluding room rent and audiovisual equipment



Bommelse Coffee table € 25.95 per person

This typical Coffee table from Zaltbommel is including:

  • Cup of daily fresh soup with baguette
  • Sausage bun of local bakery De Rouw
  • Farmers bread, raisin bread, ovenbaked breads and soft buns
  • 3 types of cheese: cured cheese, old cheese, cumin cheese
  • 3 types of meat: ham, savory, roast beef
  • Beef croquet with musterd mayonaise (Dutch snack)
  • Sweet sandwich spreads
  • Cream butter
  • Coffe, tea, milk and orange juice

Price € 25.95 per person
Excluding room rent and audiovisual equipment