Unique meeting rooms

Surroundings and atmosphere have a major impact on the effectiveness and productivity of your meeting. Be inspired by our five thematic rooms, they will amaze you! These absolute out-of-the-box surroundings lend themselves perfectly as brainstorming locations and ensure more interaction among your participants.

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Take a look at our five themed rooms and let us know which one suits you best. One thing is certain: everyone will leave the hotel bursting with new ideas.


The five brainstorming rooms are ice-breakers. As soon as your guests enter the rooms, a smile appears on their face. "Wow, I did not expect this!" The atmosphere and design of the five theme rooms make them feel at ease and this helps them to think outside the box. Your meeting will certainly remain with everybody!


When advising a theme room, we always look at the purpose of your meeting and the accompany. This way, we can respond to the needs of your guests. For instance, the Botanic Garden and Jungle are perfect for outdoor sessions. Looking for your inner self? Then choose the Chalet. If you search for a real ice-breaker, then select the Disco or Yellow Room.

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Meeting in a Yellow Room
Do you like a mental challenge? Choose our Yellow room! The name says it all... the entire room is yellow: from the ceiling to the furniture! The color activates brain activity and gives the muscles an energy boost. Wondering what the color yellow does to you? Read more

Meeting room Jungle
In this room your wildest ideas become reality. Did you know that the craziest ideas often lead to the best idea of the day? Take a seat in one of the wicker chairs and get inspired by the plants and animals in the room. Curious about the possible setups? Read more about it

Meeting room Chalet
Sledding through the meeting? Welcome to our chic chalet! While you are settling down on the soft chairs and sitting at the wooden table you have a magnificent view of the Austrian mountains. Want to know what an empty head and relaxed body does to your creativity? Read more

Meeting room Disco 
Did you know that the best ideas fit on the back of a beer mat? Our Disco twist and shout you to the best creative ideas! Turn on the music, be inspired by the space and the colors of the floor, and let your mind run free for the best ideas! Curious about the Disco? Read more

Theme room Botanic Garden
In our Botanic Garden you will feel as if you are completely back to nature! Studies show that artificial nature is comparable to the effects that real nature has on us, provided it looks lifelike. And that is certainly the case in this space! Settle down in the rocking chairs and the creativity is unleashed. Come along and experience it for yourself! Read more.

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Did you know that the Yellow Room is most popular? The yellow interior creates a real wow-effect. This is literally the first thing that people say when they enter the room.