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Unique meeting rooms

Unusual meetings? Our hotel disposes of five unique theme rooms. In these 'back to basic' rooms, your laptops and other audiovisual equipment will be needless, let's get you inspired by the environment! Your senses will be stimulated and this is the perfect ingredient for your meeting or brainstorm.

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Yellow Room

Are you in for a mental challenge? Then choose our Yellow Room! The name of the room already  reveals it... the entire room is yellow; from ceiling to furniture! The colour yellow activates your brain activity and boosts your muscles. 

Click here for a 360° photo 

Brainstorming in a yellow environment? Yellow has a positive influence on our mood and our level of productivity. The colour oftenly is associated with warmth and new life. It makes us happy and optimistic thinkers and stimulates our nerve system. Experience yourself that your original thoughts will be stimulated and helps to think ahead of genious new ideas. Have a Yellow Day!


Our Jungle is for the real adventures! In this room, your wildest ideas become reality! Did you know that the most crazy and impossible ideas always lead to the most genious ideas of the day?! That is why you should have a seat in our chairs and let you inspire by the flora and fauna in the room. 

Click here for a 360° photo of the jungle 

Already in the mood for some creativity? Imagine yourself an animal that starts witht he first letter of your name. Then imagine a plant or tree with the same first letter. Do you see some comparions between the two? This room will inspire you for this exercise! 

Botanic Garden

Our Botanic Garden brings you back to nature! Studies have shown that artificial nature is similar to the effects that real nature will have on us, if only lifelike. And this is certainly the case in this room! With the wall of plants, it feels like you have been outside all day! Have a seat in our rocking chairs and give a boost to your creativity. Please feel free to experience this yourself!

Click here for a 360° photo of the botanic garden 

We tend to live in urban environments with many stimulants, stress and busy lives. A natural environment will give you rest and creates a positive effect on your well being. Nature stimulates your concentration, helps us to organise our thoughts and gives us the feeling of relaxation. Processing information will become a lot easier! Just the presence of plants raise the productivity with 6% and your creativity with even 15%!


Tobogganing through your session? Welcome to our Chique Chalet! While relaxing in our soft chairs and sitting around the imposing wooden table, you enjoy a wonderful view of the Austrian snowy mountains. It feels like standing on top of the mountain and enjoying the view!

Click here for a 360° photo of the chalet 

Did you know that relaxed body and mind will create the perfect setting for creative ideas? When the mind and body are not active, it creates room to think about innovation. Think about activities that will ask little energy. In this relaxing setting, your ideas will just pop up themselves!


Did you know that the best ideas fit on the back of a beer mat? Our Disco is to twist and shout your new and creative ideas! Turn on the music, let you inspire by the room and the colours of the floor and let the ideas pop up out of your mind!

Click here for a 360° photo of the chalet