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"Utrecht connects", is the slogan of the city Utrecht. And this is nothing but the truth. This city offers everything that you are looking for!

From a culinary city trip to a Stand-up Peddling course on the canal. Discover the most beautiful culture-historical areas of the city and shop until you drop in the shopping wonderland. The city center has lots of good restaurants and cozy bars that are visited from early morning until late in the evening. 

We have listed some nice tips for a visit to Utrecht:

  • Dom square: Climb the tower and visit the beautiful Dom church in Gothic style.
  • Old canals: Walk along the beautiful canals and yards of Utrecht.
  • Oudaen Castle: This old castle is built in 1276 and is perfect for a drink or a lunch. 
  • Museums: Visit the Clocks Museum, the Railway Museum or the Central Museum for an educative and interactive afternoon activity. 
  • Pope house: Pope Adrianus VI is the only Dutch pope that is known in our country. This static building was built especially for him.
  • Rietveld Schroder house: The most famous house of Utrecht with art movement ‘De Stijl’. 
  • Beatrix Theatre: Good suggestion for a fun night out with the largest musicals. 
  • Non-stop shopping: Along the canals and in the side alleys, you will find the famous shopping chains and hip boutiques. Also visit the sheltered shopping mall called ‘Hoog-Catharijne’, which is located behind the Central Station. 
  • Rest and nature: Discover the beautiful hidden spots of the city, such as ‘Bloeyendael’, Park ‘Oosterspoorbaan’ or park ‘Kromme Rijn’.
  • Hiking or cycling: Rent a bicycle or choose a city walk to discover all highlights and the natural places just outside the city center.


  • Own car: As from the hotel, you drive on the A2 to the center of Utrecht within 30 minutes! Park your car in the city centre or on Transferium Lunetten or Transferium Westraven just outside the city and continue your trip by shuttle bus. 
  • Amber Car: Drive from the hotel to the Utrecht with use of an Amber Car rental car. In this way, you only pay the user fee and you will save the parking fee.
  • Public transport: As from the train station of Zaltbommel, there is a direct train connection to Utrecht. You will arrive in the city center in just 37 minutes.
  • Taxi: Our taxi drivers love to bring you to Utrecht and back.

Utrecht is a modern city that is full of history. The history left behind many cultural treasures, such as the Dom tower and the arched bridges in the canals. This is why Utrecht is the second city of The Netherlands that has the most monuments.

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Distance from the hotel: 42 km