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The city of Utrecht is, besides Amsterdam, the second monumental city of the Netherlands and has the largest density of cultural treasures of all the cities in Holland. Besides, it’s a shopper’s paradise and the city center offer numerous restaurants and bars. Tips for a trip to Utrecht are:

  • Dome square: climb the tower and visit the beautiful Gothic Dome church
  • Beatrix theatre: A real night out with the best musicals
  • Oudegracht and the shipyards: stroll along the beautiful canals of Utrecht
  • Castle Oudaen: The old castle is built in 1276, perfect for lunch or drinks.
  • Museum Speelklok: step into the enchanted world of individually playing instruments
  • Pope’s home: Pope Adrianus VI is the only Dutch pope the Netherlands ever had and for him, this stately house was built.
  • Rietveld Schroderhouse: The famous house of Utrecht’s art movement ´The Style´ (De Stijl)
  • The railway museum: located in the former Maliebaan-station
  • And… non-stop shopping!