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The gardens of Appeltern.


The gardens of Appeltern.

The garden is a place to enjoy. The whole family can feel at home and be able to relax, eat, play or work. Everything that’s possible in your own garden is put in to practice in the gardens of Appeltern. The inspirational garden park of almost 23 acres offers something for everyone!

The gardens of Appeltern are Europe’s most beautiful and biggest garden idea and inspirational park and is situated in the beautiful countryside of the Maas & Waal. You’ll find more than 200 different example-gardens. The blossoming borders, the newest garden materials, accessories, plants and furniture offer a lot of inspiration. The latest trends and developments in the garden area can be found here, and every day is different.

Besides the big plant realm and the inspirational gardens there is a lot more to see, to do and to experience. From ´natural playing ‘to a High Tea and from plant-shopping to flower arranging.

From discovering to putting into practice. This makes it the ideal destination for families, groups, parties and (business)trips.