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In the heart of the Netherlands, you’ll find Rivierenland. This characteristic area is formed by the regions Bommelerwaard, Betuwe and Land van Maas en Waal. Van der Valk Hotel Zaltbommel-A2 is situated southwest of Rivierenland in the region Bommelerwaard.

There’s much to do in Rivierenland! You can take endless walks, bicycle trips or wander past the dikes and enjoy activities in and around the water. Inspire yourself with our tips or find it out by yourself. Van der Valk Zaltbommel-A2 offers well-priced hotel packages for one or multiple stayovers. That way you have plenty of time to enjoy the various possibilities that the region has to offer.

As the name reveals, Rivierenland is situated between the five great rivers Waal, Maas, Lek, Linge and Neder-Rijn. Water plays an important role, not only for transportation but also for refreshment and entertainment. The water paradise offers a wide variety on activities for young and old. What do you think of recreational area De Zandmeren and Appeltern? You can also opt for a cruise, kano or boat to discover Rivierenland from the water.

Do you stay in Hotel Zaltbommel and do you look for a nice way to discover Rivierenland? Use the bike- and pedestrian ferries, it’s definitively a unique experience! With the crossover you’ll reach the other side quickly to continue your journey on winding roads, past orchards filled with blossom or fruit and through scenic villages. Read more about the possibilities for hiking routes in Rivierenland and bicycle routes in Rivierenland.

Did you know that more than 30% of the fruit harvest in the Netherlands is originating from Rivierenland? That’s why Rivierenland is also known as the Fruit garden of the Netherlands! This fruit garden provides a beautiful view all year through. In spring the trees are decorated with beautiful blossom and in fall they burst with fruit. Do you want to taste? The local producers are more than proud on their local products would love to introduce you. This is possible through special tours, tastings and excursions, but is also available through the many fruit shops on the way filled with cherries, apples and pears. Make sure to visit a country shop or enjoy typical local dishes at the regional restaurants.