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Den Bosch


Den Bosch

During your stay in Hotel Zaltbommel, we highly recommend you to make a day trip to ‘s-Hertogenbosch. This ancient city is full of historic alleys, fancy scenic streets, interesting history and a Burgundy cheer.

‘s-Hertogenbosch, also called Den Bosch, is known for its Burgundian cheer. In the lively city center, you will find fancy streets with entertaining pubs and tasteful restaurants. Most popular restaurant areas are ‘De Uilenburg, ‘De Korte Putstraat’ and ‘De Parade’. Of course, you can also enjoy a Burgundy life-style outsides these areas.

Our colleagues, who live in Den Bosch, love to tell you about the local tips to discover ‘s-Hertogenbosch:

  • Shop until you drop! You can go shopping in the famous shopping chains located around the market square, but also check out the streets ‘Fonteinstraat’, ‘Vughterstraat’ and ‘Snellestraat’ to discover fancy concept stores, trendy fashion stores and beautiful boutiques.
  • Make a boat trip on the river ‘Binnendieze’ and experience the unique shape of the city and the old houses as from the water.
  • Make a city tour through the beautiful city and discover the most beautiful places in town! One of these hidden places is the street ‘Schildersstraat’. It is very peaceful and you will find beautiful wall paintings! Are you in the shopping street? Then walk into the street ‘Rozemarijnstraatje’. At the end of the street, a hidden pearl with view along the ‘Binnendieze’ will wait for you.
  • Visit the museums and exhibitions. In Den Bosch, there is art and history for everyone, from the carnaval museum to the paintings of Jeroen Bosch.
  • Visit the famous highlights of Den Bosch, such as the Sint-Jans cathedral, Living De Moriaan, the city hall, Museum Square and ‘Pettelaarse Schans’.
  • Find peace and nature at the ‘IJzeren vrouw’ just outside the city center. It’s a lovely place to go swimming, hiking and sit down for a picknick. 
  • Visit ‘Bossche Broek': In only a couple of minutes walking from the city center, you will find wilderness with a view on the skyline of Den Bosch. 
  • Tramkade’: This former food factory for animals has now become a cultural hotspot where ‘boring’ is a word you will never hear. In this so-called “little town in town”, many dance parties, barbecues, festivals and presentations are organized on a frequent base.

During a coffee stop, don’t forget to order a ‘Bossche Bol’ of Jan de Groot. This is a delicious pastry with chocolate and whipped cream.


  • Your own car: As from the hotel, you reach the city center of Den Bosch within 15 minutes by car! Follow the parking route for a parking space in the city center. Are you planning to stay longer than 2 hours? Save costs and park your car on Transferium De Vliert (Address: Stadionlaan 9, 5213 JH) for just € 4,- a day! As from this transferium, you can take a shuttle bus or a shared bike.
  • Amber Car: Make a reservation for a trip with an Amber Car and park your vehicle in the heart of the city without paying any parking costs.
  • Bicycle: Rent a bicycle at the hotel and reach the city within 40 minutes. In the bicycle sheds, you are sure that your bicycle will be safely stored for free during your city trip. As from the hotel, we have some nice bicycle routes available!
  • Public transport: By train, you travel in 10 minutes from the train station of Zaltbommel to Den Bosch.
  • Taxi: No interest to drive back home late at night? A taxi can pick you up and drive you safe back to the hotel.

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Distance from the hotel: 15 km