Besides hiking and cyling, plenty of recreational options are available in the region. We listed the best suggestions for you:


  • Beaches along the river Waal (2 km): swimming in the rivers can be dangerous, but the beaches along the rivers are a perfect place for sunbathing. Visit the beach in Zaltbommel or the beach in the village Gameren, Hurwenen or Brakel.
  • Beach in Well (10 km): This hotspot is located along a section of the river Maas and has a great beach, swimming facilities and toilets.
  • Neswaarden in Aalst (10 km): Recreational area in a gorgeous environment with a beach, a sunbathing lawn, a sport field and a large playground.
  • Zandmeren in Kerkdriel (11 km): You will find this pearl within 15 minutes distance from the hotel! There is a beach, a sunbathing lawn, watersport activities and hiking routes. Sit down and enjoy nature, relaxation and the most beautiful sunsets!
  • Pettelaarse schans in Den Bosch (18 km): This star-shaped fortress island is a beautiful nature reserve in the middle of the lake ‘Zuiderplas’, located south of ’s-Hertogenbosch. Perfect for relaxation, hiking, watersport and fun events organized on a regular base.
  • IJzeren Man in Vught (23 km): A beautiful recreational lake with a long stretched beach, located in a wooded area. You can sunbath and swim for the entire day for a supplement. Besides, there is a playground and a beach house ‘Strandhuys’ to lounge, have a drink or have a meal. 


  • Boat rental Bommelerwaard in Alem (7 km): Hiring boats for a fun day on the rivers Maas and Waal.
  • Van Gent Watersport Kerkdriel (12 km): Hiring canoes, boats and Standup Peddling boards for a great day of fun on the lake ‘Zandmeren’.
  • Lingevaren (18 km): Hiring boats and Standup Peddling boards with great boat trips along the river ‘Linge’. 
  • Riverside Appeltern (30 km): Located closely the ‘Maaslanden’ beach and specialist in the rental of bicycles, tandems, tuktuks, canoes and boats.


  • Ice cream farm in Hedel (4,5 km): Besides the most delicious ice cream, also join activities such as agro golf, indoor arcade, trips with a horse-drawn cart and rides with the bicycle train.
  • Waardenburg & Neerijnen property (8 km): Beautiful property with two houses, a forest park, orchards, meadows, wooded banks and a deciduous forest.
  • Day trip to Heusden (27 km): Visit the lovely fortress town and make a stop for a pancake at Restaurant 'Pannenkoekenbakker'.