Activity calender

This region has so much to offer! Curious? Read more




Besides hiking and cyling, plenty of recreational options are available close to the hotel and in the region. We listed the best suggestions for recreations for you. Which recreational activity do you prefer?


  • Beaches along the river Waal (2 km): swimming in the rivers can be dangerous, but the beaches along the rivers are a perfect place for sunbathing. Visit the beach in Zaltbommel or the beach in the village Gameren, Hurwenen or Brakel.
  • Beach in Well (10 km): This hotspot is located along a section of the river Maas and has a great beach, swimming facilities and toilets.
  • Neswaarden in Aalst (10 km): Recreational area in a gorgeous environment with a beach, a sunbathing lawn, a sport field and a large playground.
  • Zandmeren in Kerkdriel (11 km): You will find this pearl within 15 minutes distance from the hotel! There is a beach, a sunbathing lawn, watersport activities and hiking routes. Sit down and enjoy nature, relaxation and the most beautiful sunsets!
  • Pettelaarse schans in Den Bosch (18 km): This star-shaped fortress island is a beautiful nature reserve in the middle of the lake ‘Zuiderplas’, located south of ’s-Hertogenbosch. Perfect for relaxation, hiking, watersport and fun events organized on a regular base.
  • IJzeren Man in Vught (23 km): A beautiful recreational lake with a long stretched beach, located in a wooded area. You can sunbath and swim for the entire day for a supplement. Besides, there is a playground and a beach house ‘Strandhuys’ to lounge, have a drink or have a meal. 


  • Boat rental Bommelerwaard in Alem (7 km): Hiring boats for a fun day on the rivers Maas and Waal.
  • Van Gent Watersport Kerkdriel (12 km): Hiring canoes, boats and Standup Peddling boards for a great day of fun on the lake ‘Zandmeren’.
  • Lingevaren (18 km): Hiring boats and Standup Peddling boards with great boat trips along the river ‘Linge’. 
  • Riverside Appeltern (30 km): Located closely the ‘Maaslanden’ beach and specialist in the rental of bicycles, tandems, tuktuks, canoes and boats.


  • Ice cream farm in Hedel (4,5 km): Besides the most delicious ice cream, also join activities such as agro golf, indoor arcade, trips with a horse-drawn cart and rides with the bicycle train.
  • Waardenburg & Neerijnen property (8 km): Beautiful property with two houses, a forest park, orchards, meadows, wooded banks and a deciduous forest.
  • Day trip to Heusden (27 km): Visit the lovely fortress town and make a stop for a pancake at Restaurant 'Pannenkoekenbakker'.